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Dayton Morgan - Woodsman by ryuutakeshi Dayton Morgan - Woodsman :iconryuutakeshi:ryuutakeshi 0 0 KICKASSIA BREAKROOM by ryuutakeshi KICKASSIA BREAKROOM :iconryuutakeshi:ryuutakeshi 12 8
Son of Earth- Chapter 9
Dante woke to the sound of a loud ding interrupting the Dream. He slowly sat up and looked at the clock on the wall. It was just after four in the morning. Who the Torn was playing bells in the Center?
The nurse walked over with Totodile's pokeball in her hands. "Your Pokemon is fully healed. However, I recommend you take it easy with training. It's still somewhat worn out from that beating it took."
Dante snatched the ball from the nurse's hand. "Thanks for the advice, but no thank you. Totodile will never get strong if we take it easy."
The nurse frowned. "Young man, I don't think that's the proper attitude a trainer should have. You and your Pokemon are a team. You need to work together."
"We are working together," Dante said. "We're going to the Sprout Tower to train together."
The nurse shook her head. "Should I set aside a spot on the healing table for Totodile when you return?"
Dante glared, "We won't be returning. Once we're done with the tower, it's off to the gym." He got up,
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The Mod Gun by ryuutakeshi The Mod Gun :iconryuutakeshi:ryuutakeshi 5 5
Son of Earth- Chapter 8
Violet City. A giant city filled with history. As Dante walked down the stone paved streets, he couldn't help but glance everywhere at the bizarre architecture. Even the Pokemon Center was old fashioned, colored a deep plum. It was so different from the modern structures of Kanto. Here the roofs arced up from the eaves and all the buildings were adorned with carvings, bells, and wood panels creating interesting patterns. It was both beautiful and mysterious.
Dante was not so cold hearted that he wouldn't take care of his Pokemon. After all, tired Pokemon stayed weak. He dropped Totodile off at the Pokemon Center for a few minutes while he went to explore the new city.
Like the rest of Johto, there seemed to be thick wooded area around the entire city. Dante noted mentally that it's as if the creator of the world had designed it so as to force people to stay on the beaten path. The woods, save a couple paths, were absolutely impenetrable.
There were many houses and Dante had little desi
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Son of Earth- Chapter 7
Dante blew through Cherrygrove City, Totodile scrambling to keep up. There wasn't time to look at the startled civilians who jumped out of the way of the strange red head and his Pokemon. Dante barely registered anything, except the overwhelming feeling that he had to move.
Before long he had emerged on Route 30 and he kept running. He shoved the tall grass in front of him aside, sending Weedle and Rattata scurrying for cover. Finally, after running through another field of tall grass, Dante slumped against a tree, mentally and physically exhausted. Totodile came staggering down after him, panting in a raspy voice. Gritting his teeth Dante returned the pokmeon to his pokeball.
The sun was now arcing downwards in the sky. It was well after noon and Dante needed to make it to Violet City before nightfall. Gone was his plan of catching a ferry from Cherrygrove City to Cianwood. He'd have to find some place like Goldenrod or Olivine now. To get to either though, he'd have to keep moving no
:iconryuutakeshi:ryuutakeshi 0 1
Son of Earth- chapter 6
The boy, Ethan, seemed to be in a hurry. His step, though a walk, was brisk, as if he had an important place to be two minutes prior. Dante matched his pace and walked towards him. He tried to put on his best tough face. If he was going to defeat this wimp in battle, he'd better do it in character.
Ethan, apparently noticing the approaching Dante, stopped with a look of exclamation on his face.  Behind him trotted the little black fire Pokemon Dante had seen earlier. Dante's anger deepened. It was bad enough to know this pathetic kid was favored over himself, but to see the visual evidence was infuriating. Dante's pace quickened and he stood face to face with Ethan.
"So," Dante said with a hint of malice in his tone, "You got a Pokemon from that lab. What a waste."
Ethan's confusion transformed into a frown, "How exactly is it a waste? I was doing some research for Professor Elm."
Dante smiled viciously, "That's a Pokemon that's too good for a wimp like you."
Ethan seethed, "
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Pokemon Black White- Battle by ryuutakeshi Pokemon Black White- Battle :iconryuutakeshi:ryuutakeshi 15 3 Pokemon Black White- Center by ryuutakeshi Pokemon Black White- Center :iconryuutakeshi:ryuutakeshi 5 1 Pokemon Black and White- Road by ryuutakeshi Pokemon Black and White- Road :iconryuutakeshi:ryuutakeshi 2 0 Pokemon Black and White- Cave by ryuutakeshi Pokemon Black and White- Cave :iconryuutakeshi:ryuutakeshi 2 0 Pokemon Black and White- City by ryuutakeshi Pokemon Black and White- City :iconryuutakeshi:ryuutakeshi 5 1 Pokemon Black and White- Town by ryuutakeshi Pokemon Black and White- Town :iconryuutakeshi:ryuutakeshi 1 0
Son of Earth- Chapter 5
Route 29 is a small road that divides the Cherrygrove Woods, an impassable clump of trees at the foot of the Silver mountain range. Inside it are many clearings and fields, the largest of which the route was built on and the very place Dante found himself upon fleeing New Bark Town. There wasn't anything particularly interesting about it. Even if there had been, it would have been lost in the blur as Dante fled through the tall grass west of the village. He didn't see or hear any pursuers, but didn't want to leave it to chance.
He reached a fork in the road and stopped to catch his breath. Dante was sure of his safety now and began to figure out which path to take. A line of impassable trees stood in front of him, but Dante was sure he could see a break he might be able to pass through. The other way led up some small hills and around the line. The long way. The easy way. The weak way. Well, that settled it for Dante. He wasn't going to go the safe way simply because of a few trees. Ch
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Son of Earth- Chapter 4
Only a few hours later the sun peaked over the Tohjo mountain range. Dante, accustomed to waking at early hours, popped out of bed immediately. He quickly and quietly slipped into his clothes and shoes and opened his bedroom door. Lizzie had apparently not made it to her bedroom and was sleeping on the couch. For a short Dante considered leaving an apology, but then realized that he had no reason to be sorry. He was going to do this and if started doubting himself he'd never be able to get near the lab.
He slipped out the front door and closed it ever so softly behind him with nothing more then a whispering click. The morning chill was still hanging in the year. Frost glazed the ground and the pale light cast a peaceful light upon the town. Dante was apparently the only one with villainous plans that morning as he couldn't see a single person anywhere in town. Feeling more confident that he doing the right thing he ran over to the lab. The front door was locked but he'd expected that.
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Mature content
Son of Earth- Chapter 3 :iconryuutakeshi:ryuutakeshi 0 3


Commission: Group Shot by Olieart Commission: Group Shot :iconolieart:Olieart 10 13 Pokemon Generations by Quirkilicious Pokemon Generations :iconquirkilicious:Quirkilicious 22,849 2,271 TF2: Be Efficient Be Polite 21 by spacerocketbunny TF2: Be Efficient Be Polite 21 :iconspacerocketbunny:spacerocketbunny 581 52 Sneasel Speedpaint by rajewel Sneasel Speedpaint :iconrajewel:rajewel 902 36 IT MEANS IT'S HOT by Metallikato IT MEANS IT'S HOT :iconmetallikato:Metallikato 335 64 Hu-Mane Six by Karzahnii Hu-Mane Six :iconkarzahnii:Karzahnii 6,561 584 100610 The Last Supper by GillyPerkyGoth 100610 The Last Supper :icongillyperkygoth:GillyPerkyGoth 208 54 Meow by Quirkilicious Meow :iconquirkilicious:Quirkilicious 7,255 322 Team Korra by Spoonful0fcats Team Korra :iconspoonful0fcats:Spoonful0fcats 676 60 My Little Skyrim by Atrixy My Little Skyrim :iconatrixy:Atrixy 1,726 261 Les Miserables: Ramin Karimloo as Enjolras by clarkey-lou Les Miserables: Ramin Karimloo as Enjolras :iconclarkey-lou:clarkey-lou 446 146 Enjolras' Singing Brethren by DarthFar Enjolras' Singing Brethren :icondarthfar:DarthFar 389 279 Human Apples by johnjoseco Human Apples :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 7,502 584 applejack by starsandpolkadots applejack :iconstarsandpolkadots:starsandpolkadots 1,658 141 Friendship is Magic by Jiayi Friendship is Magic :iconjiayi:Jiayi 28,144 5,399 Vs The Enderdragon by KLFoxglove Vs The Enderdragon :iconklfoxglove:KLFoxglove 188 124



United States
Favourite cartoon character: Zuko
Personal Quote: "America is never happy unless it has someone to discriminate against"
"That… wasn't a good movie" –Zuko
"I'll say" –Aang
"No kidding" –Katara
"Horrible" –Suki (or Sir Not-appearing-in-this-film-despite-trailers-showing-her)
"You said it" –Toph
"But the effects were decent." –Sokka

Taken from the Ember Island Players episode and edited accordingly.



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