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"That… wasn't a good movie" –Zuko
"I'll say" –Aang
"No kidding" –Katara
"Horrible" –Suki (or Sir Not-appearing-in-this-film-despite-trailers-showing-her)
"You said it" –Toph
"But the effects were decent." –Sokka

Taken from the Ember Island Players episode and edited accordingly.

My fanfic is going well, a lot better than the Brawl to End 'em all ever did.

I will hopefully have a new chapter up tomorrow, or rather today since I'm posting after midnight. I hope after this that the chapters come out quicker. But I have class and that's interfering a bit.
See here…


I predict a light type and us getting to join the evil team. Yay for wild mass guessing!
Yeah, I'm working on a new fanfic that I will be uploading here. I've already done four chapters.
Oh well, I still support Team Edward. Great joke guys.
... is not something I'm good at. So instead, here's a bunch of motivational posters for you to laugh at. They are all Pokemon themed. Except the Avatar ones. In case you wanted to see the actors.
Hello, Hello. Well, I got Emperor Cade and his two generals up. Now all I need is a kingdom name in which they rule. Anyone willing to give me a name is much appreciated.

EDIT: Put Donavin up because I wasn't sure when to post him. Am working on the Etrie now.

EDIT EDIT: And I put more up because I was bored, including Raven before her transformation, which yes is a spoiler but at the time of the original making I wasn't planning on posting these.
So my mother bought me a DS Lite and pokemon pearl for christmas. Huh. I thought she was against me owning one.

Well, anyways, merry late christmas, happy late boxing day, and happy early new year.
I decided to create some images of the villains of the story. Cade isn't up yet as I'm still working on design, but the others are finished.

Yes, that is Zuko's scar. It was as close as I could get to the actual idea.

Yes, the Rozenraak look weird. sue me.
Okay, so I got 3 new character images up. These are leaders of three of the other races. The Fi'ume, the Verraad, and the Hemosei. Yes, Arcos has a thing for blue. Deal with it. Yes, Ri La is black and is a villain. Deal with it. He lives in a desert.
Okay, so I've once again started working on The Bladewielders story and I've decided to add images of the cast to keep you all happy until I can get Chapter's 1 and 2 revised up. The prologue is staying as is.
So, I finally got a new piece of art up. My first photoshop. Took me three days to make the prototype and 10 minutes to start over and do it right. Amazing.
Okay, I don't want to cause anymore trouble for anyone who (wrongly) think that they are the inspiration behind my ideas. So, as of now, the Blades of the Races chapters will not be posted on again. Leave a message if you want them e-mailed because book one is almost done. I've titled it Bladewielder. Otherwise, Rigel and Raven departeth.

Oh, and I want everyone to know I got past my block in chapter 2. Though you probably guessed that.

EDIT: Okay, and here's a list of major characters who appear in the first book, jsut for everyone's viewing pleasure.

Golden Triumph:
Rigel Lord's son
Raven Messenger
Jonathan Falconwing
Tannen Dragonwing
Helseth (Seth) Rogueprince
Martan Falconwing

Anton Silvergeneral
Walker Lord

General Argon

They all play a role in the story later.
If anyone gets that line, they get a sneak peak at the next chapter before anyone else.

So... I'm back, stuck on Chapter 2 (Raven and Rigel are still decapitating that Rozenraak and can't seem to get beyond that)so don't expect much for a little while.

BUT! Claire Dalrymple has ordered me to finish book one by graduation so... I will. I would like to also inform you that I have another author at school helping me and I hope our stupid principle doesn't get him into too much trouble because of her stupid rules.

So... yeah, still writing. And doing math. Anyone here understand Linear Programming?
Good News: After mowing the lawn yesterday I had a great idea and now have written all 4 prologues to Blades of the Races. Yes, I said 4. I want to post them but that would spoil much of the story.

Bad News: My grandmother died. Much grief in the family. Might not be on much in the near future.

Rewritten: As you can see, Chapter 1 was mostly rewritten. Chapter 2: "Close those gates!" is getting similar treatment as well. Writing Chapter 3: Blade and Battle has begun as well.

So... enjoy.

"Your thoughts are lies!"

(Jonathan, excerpt from Chapter 7: Death's Messenger)

Oh, did I jsut write that?
Okay gang, I stopped writing for a while to get through Brisingr and assorted other stuff. Now that we have a near death in the family, I think I might be off a little longer. I am still going over much of what I have written and will update ASAP.

Dr. Weasley, why aren't you ever on? I want to talk.

Okay, I went over chapter one and got some great ideas and am now changing a lot of it. So people who have read it, some things have changed.

Chapter 2 and the prologue are undergoing the same rigorous editing. Yes, chapter 2 is mostly done.
I got chapter 1 up. Amazing! Wow, you know I've been working on that for so long and just now got it up. Ugh. Well, expect chapter 2 lot sooner. The battle is very close to done. Oh yes, there is a battle.

Pay attention to details. I leave a lot of questions to be asked...
I thought it would be nice to mention the names of the 8 main races in Blades of the Races. I'm still having difficulties with Chapter 1 (long story)so I decided to give you something to read prior.

Humans: Men (no explanation needed)   Blade: Havour
Elves: Alfar (Icelandic for Hidden People)   Blade: Dashlan
Magic Users: Mage-born (No explanation needed)   Blade: Auralin
Vampires: Hemosei (Japanese: literally Blood Saint)   Blade: Irax
Water Nymphs: Ninfea (Italian for Water Lily)   Blade: Faladil
Werewolves: Rozenraak (Original name)   Blade: Wereflax
Gnomes: Acier (French for Steel)   Blade: Galvindar
Dwarves: Eitri (Name of the forger of Thor's Hammer)   Blade: Thog

So then, hopefully you approve. Enjoy. I'm working on a map that will be on here soon. Hold tight.
Ladies and Gentlemen and assorted other peoples, I got my laptop back! Thank you! Thank you!

Okay, still working on chapter 1